District 201Q4, Queensland, Australia

Christmas Cakes

We thank all of the Business's and their Employee's for their help. All profits go to worthwhile causes. It makes us proud to have this community support.

History of Lions Cakes can be found here. or briefly below.

Lions Christmas Cake Program began in 1965. Since then and safe in the knowledge that all profits raised go straight back into the community, people seek out the Lions Christmas cakes and Puddings every year. We are proud that the tradition of buying a Lions Christmas cake each year is often handed down through the generations within a family. In fact people often buy Lions Christmas Cakes as gifts because they know that they are supporting a great cause.

Cakes have been baked by Australia's leading food companies since 1983. All cakes are baked to the relevant identical recipe by the manufacturer, ensuring a uniform, high quality product.

Annual sales nationally are approximately $6,500,000 and the funds raised by Clubs are for Save Sight, Health, Welfare and Humanitarian projects. It is estimated that since the inception of the program as a National Project funds raised have exceeded.... $47,000,000.

 This is an outstanding result and reflects community support for Lions Clubs.

Besides all of this the Cakes actually taste great and always leave you wanting more.