District 201Q4, Queensland, Australia


As Lions we are often asked "So exactly what is it that Lions clubs do"?. The answer should be "So how long have you got"?

Firstly and very importantly we make certain that we have fun, build friendships and support our communities. We are completely not for profit and are non political.

Lions is the largest service organisation in the world and is volunteer based. You will find Lions and Lions clubs in every continent and most countries.

Lions projects are Community based through our local clubs, National through Lions Clubs Australia and international through Lions Clubs International. Our projects can be as basic as supporting local schools and youth development programs, helping an aged or disabled person in our local community with everyday needs or collecting used spectacles for cleaning, refurbishment and redistribution to disadvantaged communities and countries. They are also as lofty and complicated is eliminating measles, cancer, mental illness and other diseases from the world and helping people to hear and see.

Wherever there is a need there is a Lion. Lions club members are just ordinary people who come together to achieve extraordinary things in local communities and across the globe.

In Australia whenever there is drought, flood, fire and other natural disasters you will see Lions club members coming together in the background and the foreground to support with relief efforts. 

Much of our time is spent fundraising to enable the vast range of projects that we undertake. You will often see us holding a sausage sizzle, conducting raffles, holding community social and sporting events, staffing community function car parks, organising and running community markets, at country roadside "take a rest" stops, conducting "adopt a roadside" programs, selling the famous Lions Christmas cakes and the Lions mints. ABSOLUTELY EVERY CENT RAISED BY LIONS CLUBS GOES DIRECTLY BACK INTO THE COMMUNITY.

So that is the short answer. To get the detailed answer you should make an enquiry with your local Lions club. In our case that is the LIONS CLUB OF MAROOCHY NORTH SHORE, serving the communities of Bli Bli, Pacific Paradise, Mudjimba, Twin Waters and the broader Sunshine Coast area.

What are members expected to do?

In short. Only as much as you are able and willing to do. We have members from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences as well as ages and therefore we have a vast array of skills available to us. That is the power of Lions Clubs.

We respect that different people are able to do different things and that some people have more time available than others. It simply doesn't matter. Every effort and contribution is welcomed and recognised.

Join us in making our communities and the world better places to live.

The Lions Club of Maroochy North Shore is proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council's grants program